DTN Integrated Services Ltd has achieved certification as a Certified EonCoat Applicator, enhancing asset integrity across Nigeria’s key industries. With EonCoat®, we provide long-term corrosion protection for steel assets, backed by a 30-year guarantee, minimizing downtimes and boosting reliability. This milestone reflects our commitment to sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions in the oil and gas sector.

EonCoat is a revolutionary ceramic coating, offering unmatched durability and waterproof protection with minimal permeability. Despite a slightly higher initial cost, its lifetime expenses are lower than industry norms. Additionally, EonCoat’s innovative formulation eliminates the need for harmful substances like VOCs or HAPs, forming a strong bond with the substrate for superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

With a flame spread rate of 0 and flexibility allowing up to 19% flex before failure, EonCoat ensures peace of mind and adapts well to temperature changes. Its streamlined application process reduces downtime and enhances efficiency for equipment and investments. In summary, EonCoat sets a new standard for durability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in protective coatings.