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Either you are a digital marketing consultant, a web designer, a social media marketing consultant, a Brand development expert and so on, that is useful for local businesses.

Whatever you plan to sell and pitch to a local business store around you, this guide will really help you break the “No.” wall and increases your chances of winning a client.

In this blog, let’s look into five golden rules you need to know when you want to pitch your business or expertise to local businesses.


It is very sweet to go into a restaurant you want to sell digital marketing or web design to, and introduce yourself as your company. Hey, I have good news for you, you’ve just cancelled a million dollar deal.

By default, local businesses are surviving, and they hardly want to spend. So, whenever you introduce yourself as your business, you automatically told them you want to sell them.

Remember the first rule of selling?


If I want to introduce myself to a new local business I want to sell to, this is how I do it.

General: “Greetings, My name is Samuel Awe, and I’m doing a routine check on local business owners to see if business is doing well.”

Personalized: “Greetings, My name is Samuel Awe, and over a couple of weeks now, I have been studying your company growth and repeat business, and with the current economic condition, you and your team are doing a very good job in staying afloat.”

This will erase from their mind the thought that you want to sell to them, plus give them goosebumps that someone actually cares.


Remember, you want them to buy your product or service, they just don’t know yet.

A good marketing tactic I use and that works for me is to invest in them first by buying what they sell.

Don’t be stingy, so that when you pitch your business, they won’t be too stingy in investing in it.

Also, let your conversations evolve into what you plan to sell, don’t introduce it yourself. This will make them think it’s just a coincidence.


Whatever you are selling, another rule to put at the back of your mind is to understand that local bricks and mortal business owners don’t understand whatever you have to say. So, the best tip from me to you is for you to create a little brochure that will remotely guide them and help them understand what you are selling and how greatly it is of benefit for them.

	 The 5 Golden Rules For Pitching Your Offer To Local Businesses

You can’t say everything about your work for them, but they can go back to your brochure to learn more.

See this as your mobile website.


Don’t ever think you are in there to only do business. Try to know your clients better. Ask them personal questions. Are they sleeping okay? How is their stress level?

	 The 5 Golden Rules For Pitching Your Offer To Local Businesses

I realized that most clients that pay me big are those that I got to know their families and chat with them.


	 The 5 Golden Rules For Pitching Your Offer To Local Businesses

Put this at the back of your mind that before you leave the shop, always try to book your next appointment.

Your indirect sales pitch is incomplete if you can’t book your next meeting.

Ask them if you can call them in a couple of days.

This is very important.

Finally, before I go, let’s answer the question of what if?

What if they already have a system in place that does exactly what I want to sell to them?

Fantastic, do you know what the second rule of selling is?


You are there to make their life better, to get them what they want, and not what you want.

Therefore, see ways you can improve whatever they have in place. Don’t bad mouth!

Do that, and you will carve a new money making opportunity for yourself.

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