Are you having a local business already or just starting out and looking to sell and promote your service online and ofcourse not having a personal website to do this?

Well, look no further because you are not alone, the internet is one of the main sources of communication and information provider in today’s world and it can act as an important tool for promoting your business and products and earn loads of bucks. As the internet is a huge storehouse of information, utilizing it very well to find various ways and opportunities to enhance your business seem to be the best idea ever for a business owner looking to grow and earn those extra bucks.

Adult Thinking

However, there is a common misconception that one needs to create a website to sell their products and services online. On the contrary, there is absolutely no need to create your own website to sell products. Thanks to the different platforms of eCommerce readily provided by various organisation and team, you can now take help of these to showcase your products and sell them to millions of customers with just a click of a button or mouse.

Lets take a step back;

Some decades ago, when the internet was still new, the idea of selling products online or establishing an online business seemed very strange, stressful and costly, during this period, selling products online would always require one to own or build a website. Even to this day, a lot of people have wasted money on trying to build their own e-commerce store. While building a website to sell your products is not a bad idea, but as a small business owner who still needs to cut costs and make more sales, owning a website is not the right decision especially for people new to selling their products online. Though, when your business grow to some point having a personal website will be a great opportunity to attract more engagements focused on only your business and products.

Tunde Experience

Lets take Tunde a young entrepreneur for example, he recently opened a small bakery and decided to sell his products online by creating a website, he thought this was the best way to sell his pastries online which is true but he didn’t plan the process or having a marketing strategy in place. Unsurprisingly, the sales didn’t move for him, so he couldn’t keep on spending money to run Ads for his website to gain traffic and the website closed due to inadequate funding.

The cost of building and maintaining a website is quite on the high side for small business owners. Setting up your website requires purchasing a domain name, buying server space, paying a web developer to build the website, and annual payment for web hosting.

For those that can relate to Tunde’s experience, you will agree that this is frustrating. If you know how to sell your products online without owning a website, you wouldn’t waste money on building a website. To start selling your products online as a small business, one needs to understand how the internet works. There are other cost-effective methods for business owners to sell their products online without building a website.


1. Selling via Social Media PlatformsSelling through social media

No doubt, social media has become a hub for worldwide interaction. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp have been used to create communities where products and services can be exchanged for money. One can easily create an account on Instagram, post engaging content related to one’s products, business or services. When you build a reasonable number of followers, you can get enough prospects and convert them to customers. Also, including your phone number or email to your profile will help clients or customers access you better.

Though this method is cost-effective, it can be time-consuming due to social media interactions, and the stress of building followers. Another way is to pay social media influencers to advertise your products with their account. The dark side of this is that many of these so-called influencers charge ridiculous prices and still do not make your business grow significantly.

2. Selling Online via Email Marketing

Email marketing

This is one of the oldest models of online marketing. Cold emailing was mostly used by companies in the ’90s to advertise their services and products.

Firstly, you need to set up a business email using any trusted emailing service like Gmail, yahoo mail, whogohost, Mailchimp, etc.

Secondly, you need to get your email list – a list that contains emails of leads or prospects you would love to convert to customers.

Lastly, you need to write compelling email proposals and send them to everyone on your email list.

However, the problem with this is that people may not respond to the emails if your business is not fully recognized. It also requires you to spend time writing emails weekly or daily to market your products. For big businesses, email marketing will be more efficient in terms of cutting costs and promoting online.

3. Easy Online Advertisement with  OniAds (

Online Ads

This platform has made online advertisement super easy for business owners in Nigeria. OniAds serves as the best hub for online advertisement. You can run your business, promote your services, sell your possessions online for FREE without having to spend money on building a website or pay social media influencers to promote your business.

Even if you don’t have a business, but you want to sell your used car to raise money for your child’s tuition fee, this platform will allow you upload and sell the car without taking any sales commission from you. On this platform, every sale made is 100% yours. No commission is taken from you.

This platform already has a large volume of registered buyers, which means you do not need to build an audience or engage any audience. Engagement and advertisement will be done for you. Employers can also upload job postings on this platform and get their preferred employees. Job seekers can also find suitable jobs in any field. is secured, has strong policies and security measures against online scammers or fraudsters.



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