Hey, I was told you are looking for a way to make money online?

In this blog post, you will discover how to make money online with zero capital in 6 simple steps.

make money online

No products needed?

Just plug and play?

“It’s a lie Sam.”

Really? Not to worry.

In the next few minutes, you will discover how you can actually make lots of money online using the strategy am about to teach you.


Making Money Online: The Usual Way.

First, Lets Talk About The The Usual Way…

In the conventional way of doing business online, to make money, you need to have a product, or service and a website to host your product.

That is good, but the problem there is, for you who do not have that much cash to burn, or as a complete beginner who wants to understand the atmosphere of online business, it requires some up front investments.

Here, we are going to look into another way you can use to make money online that does not require a capital to start at all.

Again. Zero capital.

In this blog post, we are going to be using a classified ad platform.

This means we won’t even need to pay for ads.


What is this strategy all about ?

Instead of you to go through the route of conventional way of doing an online business, in this strategy which I will call for the sake of this blog post, service arbitrage, all you will need is to

  1. Find a service been offered by another person. Either a freelancer or an organization.
  2. Understand what the service is all about and the time frame to get it done.
  3. See if this service has some active buyers or community.
  4. Create your own brand around that service and create your offer.
  5. Post it on a classified Ad website like oni.ng
  6. When orders comes in, reach out to the individual that offer this service to do it for you, and deliver it back to your customer.

It’s that easy.

Now, to give it a local context.

Let’s assume that you have a friend that is very good with custom shoe making.

We are going to use our list above, to show you how you can set up an online business around this strategy.

Step 1: Finding A Service You Want To Repackage.

The first thing about this zero capital online business strategy is to actually find a service you want to repackage as your own.

Using our example, you already have a friend that build custom shoe.

Let’s say the service is priced at N2000


Step 2: Understanding The Framework Of The Business.

Since you are going to be repackaging other people’s service as your own, you will do your self a great disservice if you do not learn more about how that business is run.

And the reason is not that far fetched.

You are the first point of contact of your target audience.

When they ask you more about this service you are offering, you don’t want to be stammering.

That customer is gone.


Step 3: Does The Service has some active buyers or community?

The next step is for you to see if this service you have chosen has some active buyers.

In this case, if people are searching for your product online.

To know this, you will need the tool call Google Trends.

This tool will give you an insight on if people are searching for what you are offering.

You don’t want to offer a product that very little people are interested in.

It will massively affect your sale.


Step 4: Create A Brand Around That Service And Your Offer.

After you are assured that your business has some good traction that can lead to some sales.

Here, you are going to create your Brand around that service.

This may include

A logo
A banner and
Some service related image.

When you are done with that, we can then move to the next step.


Step 5: Post It On A Classified Ad Website Like Oni.ng

With your brand files, what next is to go to oni.ng and upload your service there.

Write your Ad title, description, upload your files and set your price.

Here, let’s assume you set your price to be N6000.


Step 6: Order Fulfilment.

Finally, the most interesting part.

After you post your ad on Oni.ng, your post will be shared on all our social platforms, and in our weekly ads round-up.

When you get your first sale, what you need to do is go to your service provider and order for the service to be done.

When the service is rendered by your service provider, you can then go ahead and fulfill the order.

The good thing is, whatever your profit is, you keep it without doing anything.

In this case study, if your shipping cost is N1000, your profit will be N3000.

Now, if you get at least 10 orders every month, your total monthly income will be 30k.

What do you have to say for a zero capital online business strategy that earns that much per month?


Now, do you agree with me that it is easy for you to make money online actually with no product and zero capital?