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When selling anything online, there are two main approach.

The first is the direct selling approach where you are on call or on a launch with your prospect. The other approach is the indirect selling. This kind of selling requires you to create your Ad copy to target a lot of people with common interests.

In this blog post, I want us to consider the indirect selling. How we can sell to a wider audience that do not even know us.

In this kind of setting, where most people try to use scarcity and discounts to shove their product into the throat of their target audience, thereby taking advantage of their fears. We on the other hand, are going to deploy a more subtle yet effective strategy.

So, without further ado, let me open your eyes to the strategy that I have used, and have thought people to use, which works wonder.

It is called the KISS Marketing.

Wait. KISS?

No. I am not talking about Keep It Simple Stupid. That’s not even a strategy.

Here, I am talking about using the process of actually kissing as a marketing tactic in winning a sales.

If you are ready, let’s dive into learning how this tactic work.



I was once told that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do something crazy that breaks the chain of activities.

When you first meet a stranger, what you need to do is to first pique their interest with something unique, it can be as simple as greeting them, get them to give you an audience, before you can go ahead and ensue them in a conversation.

When it comes to selling to a wider audience, the first important step is to create an advertisement that stop them on their tracks. That get their attention.

This can be your headline, for example, Your Wife Is Having an Affair, or the image or color you use in your ad copy. Whatever you decide upon to use for your advertisement copy, try to get your target audience attention.



The second thing after you have gotten their attention is to keep them interested in whatever you are about to reveal.

If your next paragraph in your advertisement copy is lame, even after you have gotten their attention, you will lose them.

The essence of copywriting is not to sell, but to keep your audience glued to your copy until the final revelation.

So, with the help of thought provoking questions, interesting stories, facts and figures, you can keep your target audience interested in whatever you have to sell.



Now that you have build your clients curiosity to a certain level where they will burst, you then introduce whatever you are selling to them in a non pushy or salesy way.

Here you make your sales pitch look like a service, selling only solutions and not the features.

What you need here is commitment.



Lastly after you have gotten them to commit and they have started trusting you, you can then go ahead and present more deals to them.

This is where the big pay off comes in play.

As long as you can continue building rapport and try to understand their lifestyle and belief system, you will keep selling them from different front.


Now, how do this have any connection to kissing you say?

Well, this is it. When you want to kiss a lady for the first time, what you do in trying to get your message across is to first try getting her attention by staring into her eyes.

If she stares back, you have gotten her attention, and from there you move to the next line of action. You begin to lean forward, slowly but steadily. You try and retain her attention with the continuous stare into her eyes until you get so close to achieving your goal.

Now, though soft, you will land your first kiss and lean a little backward.

By doing this, you give her a minute to let what just happened sink into her mind. If she love it, she will buy into that seed of idea you planted and then lean towards you in return.

You also lean forward towards her, and this is where everything gets aggressive.

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P.S I am a perfect gentleman, I learned all this in Hollywood movies.


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