How To Run Facebook Advertisement That Converts

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Although it’s no more news when talking about the power of Facebook when it comes to online marketing for businesses. Nevertheless, a lot of people quickly jump into running paid ads so as to get their business in the eyes of their potential customers, and neglecting the fact that Facebook is first a social media before it is a marketing hub.

Today, I am going to share with you a less expensive but highly effective hack in getting your products and services not just to any eyes hoping that they will see it and have enough emotional trigger to take actions but to the right audience fit for your business.

In this blog, I am going to share with you a tactic that takes advantage of Facebook core existence and there by increases the effectiveness of Facebook algorithms when dealing with your business posts and ads.

Below, I am going to take you through five actionable steps you should follow to boost your ROI and reduce your marketing cost.


The first step is for you to create a Facebook page for your business that will house your contents. This is important for quite some reasons. One of which is the fact that you can’t run a business on Facebook and or an ad for your business without it.


After you have created your Facebook page, the next thing you need to do is to join Facebook groups that was created strictly for your niche, so that you can engage with a warm audience who are already interested in what you are selling.

The rule of thumb here is to join at least 3 groups per month.


The third thing to do after you have joined these groups is to start creating videos that solve problems faced by your audience. The way to do this is by clicking the search function in the group and search for phrases like “I Need Help” “Help” “Please or Pls” and also “What Can I”.

When you do this, it will bring results of post of the things members of the group are having problems with and are asking for help on.

When you get these, it will create a highly targeted topic for you to solve in other to get high engagements for your videos.

After you are through with finding your topics, you can then go ahead and create your video contents based on these topics and share it to the groups you have joined. Wait till they start engaging with it.

Note that, you should always allow 24 hours between your post so that it can rank high enough before uploading the next video.

Do these repeatedly for a couple of weeks.

At these stage, you will start seeing followers for your pages, and everyone that like your post, you can invite them to like your page.

But what if the group I want to join does not allow pages to join?

Well there is a way around that.

Join the page as a profile, then share these videos from your page alongside your own written contents that builds interest to watch the videos.

After you do these, you can then go ahead with the next step.


After you have amassed a lot of views for your video contents, I will say about 2000 views and more, you can then go ahead and run a Facebook advertisement for video views, and people who have watched at least 3 seconds of your videos.

This is to test their interests. And if you see that their engagement is very high, you can then start making money with this group of people by taking this final step.


Using the audiences that viewed your videos, create a lookalike audience from them, and warm them up with a lead magnet advertisement, after which you pitch them an irresistible offer to sell them something.

Although this looks simple, it works wonders.

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Author: Samuel Awe