Christmas and New Year celebrations are almost upon us, and you will agree with me that consumers spend a lot this season to make the festivities eventful. In this article, I have listed hot-selling products and services that generate more money. If you are an existing entrepreneur, you might want to consider adding any of these products and services to your franchise. If you are new to the game, you might want to kick start your entrepreneurship journey by choosing any of these hot-selling business ideas:

Children’s Outfits
Christmas accessories

Santa Claus
Food Ingredients
Catering services
Cleaning services
Transportation services
Poultry products

Children’s Outfits: buying Christmas clothes is a ritual for most families, and once December approaches, parents are on the lookout for colourful and quality wears for their children. These include shoes, underwear, shades, wristwatches, and other fashion accessories. Children love to wear new things during the festive season, tap into that market.

Christmas accessories: this includes Christmas caps, toys, decorations (lights, trees). These accessories are used to decorate houses, public centres, and offices to elicit that Christmas feel. Asides from selling Christmas accessories, you can also offer to help people decorate their homes or workspace for a fee. 

Hampers: Christmas is a season of giving and most people show it by purchasing gift hampers for their friends, colleagues, neighbours and loved ones. Gift baskets come in various sizes and contain different kinds of gifts such as beverages, perfume, toiletries, flowers, and other gift items that customers might like.

Santa Claus: one of the highlights of the Christmas season is seeing Santa Claus. It sums up part of the Christmas experience for children. This is why public centres such as amusement parks and shopping malls hire Santa Claus to make their customers happy. You can pose as Santa or rent Santa’s costume to customers that need it for a fee.

Drinks: fruit juice, bottled water, wine, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages will be consumed at a high rate this period due to numerous events that will spring up this yuletide season. It is a business idea that yields high ROI because people will undoubtedly drink to quench their thirst.

Food Ingredients: because Christmas comes with lots of eating, the demand for foodstuff and ingredients will skyrocket. Rice, for example, is the most consumed foodstuff during the Christmas season to prepare jollof rice and fried rice. In most cases, it is given out as the end of the year gifts by organisations and employers. Other food ingredients you might want to add to the list include groundnut oil, palm oil, seasoning cubes, veggies, etc.

Catering services: caterers are in high demand during Christmas and New Year celebration to supply delicious meals to end of the year events. If you have prior knowledge of the catering business, now will be the time to up your game. Position yourself to your prospective customers and clinch catering deals. And if you do not have catering experience, you could position yourself as a catering consultant or middleman between caterers and those who need their services.

Cleaning services: event centres will be used a lot during the upcoming festive season to host a wide array of events. If you have been considering starting a cleaning business for a while, the opportunity has presented itself, make fair use of it. 

Transportation services: there will be a lot of movements during the festive season. It could be interstate or intrastate, whichever works for you, go for it. Tap into the high demand for travelling this season and make good money from it.

Poultry products: chicken and turkey are the most common meat consumed during the festive season. To increase your profits, you can also include beef and offals to the mix. Trust me; people will buy it. 

These products and services are always in high demand, especially during the Christmas and New Year period. When increased demand is met by high supply, you are guaranteed to make more money this festive season. Choose the one that works for you and go on to make more money.