08163544909 Time ceramics is a place where you can get all sizes of tiles with different design’s, colours and quality products to beautify your home, business centre, schools, churches and others.

25*40 kitchen/toilet wall tiles _____ # 900 per carton.25*50 outside cracked wall tiles _____ # 1,000 per carton.40*40 bedroom floor tiles (vitrified) _____ # 1,500 per carton.40*40 sitting room floor tiles (glazed)___ # 2,000 per carton.60*60 sitting room floor tiles _____ # 2,500 per carton.30*60 stair case tiles _____ # 2,000 per carton. All prices listed above are at company prices.

We sell at factory price from the company, above is the company pricelist for more details you can call/WhatsApp >> :+2348163544909 The beauty of a house deserve quality finishing.