FunctionsBuilding immunity by supporting the lung and spleen.Remove toxin, diffuse the lung and discharge heat.Eliminate external noxious factors.Clears lung and adjust immunity.Strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors.Effectively resist avian flu H5N1 and H9N2 viruses.Notes:Qingwen capsule plays a key role in fighting COVID-19.Qingwen capsule is recognized by FDA in America.Qingwen capsule is an Herbal Antibiotics.Qingwen capsule can penetrate bacteria Biofilm to kill bacteria.Qingwen capsule was 19 times listed in National Diagnosis and treatment Programs and Guidelines as recommend drugs.Qingwen capsule is good for children if the child has good ability to swallow capsules, over the age of 5, children can take under adult supervision. Because childrenand adults are physically different, it is recommended that children take half a dose (2 times a day, 2 – 3 times a day) or follow the doctor’s advice.Qingwen capsule is pure Chinese medicine preparation, which will not bring the side effects of liver and kidney damage caused by chemical medicine.Qingwen capsule is suitable for students, workers and drivers. Qingwen capsule is a pure Chinese medicine preparation, it will not cause adverse reactions such asdrowsiness and dizziness after taking it. Clinical trials confirm that broad-spectrum antiviral and natural antibiotics are effective and safe for cold/flu, and aresuitable for students, office workers and drivers.Qingwen caosule is suitable for the elderly people to take. The elders because of weakened body function, poor body resistance, the cold is more likely to cause othercomplications. Qingwen capsule is the only cold/flu medicine containing Tibet cold resistant, anti-hypoxia plant Rhodiola currently, effective regulation of immunity,improve disease resistance, more effective against the cold.Qingwen capsule can be taken by diabetic patients. Hypertension patients can take Qingwen capsule.Qingwen capsule is better than chemical medicine in reducing fever and improving the disease severity.Qingwen capsule is better than chemical medicine in relieving cough, sore throat and fatigue symptoms.Dosage: 4 capsules / 3 times per day.Specification: 350mg x 36 capsules/bottle.Cash on delivery within Lagos.Delivery outside Lagos is based on agreement.Can chat up on whatsapp also.