• It is effective for overcoming various types of headache.
  • It prevents headache due to hypertension.
  • It prevents headache due to stress.
  • It prevents menopausal headache.
  • It prevents periodic headache.
  • It prevents migraine headache.
  • It benefits people of all ages.
  • It improves brain micro-circulation.
  • It comes in granules, nourishing brain and reviving vital energy.
  • It dilate the cerebral arteries.
  • It improves oxygen oxygen supply by supplying blood circulation.
  • It prevents vascular spasm.
  • It helps in dredging meridian to promote circulation.
  • It helps those suffering from headache due to blood deficiency or poor blood circulation.
  • It nourishes liver and improve blood circulation.
  • It improves sleep disorder, restlessness.

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