Buy Superlife Total Care (STC30) that offers total health restoration.1 Pack contains 15 Sachets of STC30Consume 1 Sachet per day

DIRECTION:- Tear 1 Sachet and place the powder under the tongue (Sublingual administration)- Wait until it fully dissolves.- Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration.

Highly recommended for:

Sexual Weakness/ Infertility/Impotency/ Low Sperm Count.Stroke/DiabetesStomach Ulcer/ FibroidStress/ Anti-agingCancerSTD/STIDental problem.Sickle Cell HemorrhoidsEye problemsKidney/Liver diseaseSkin infectionsRheumatism/ Joint Health/ ArthritisCardiovascular/COPD/ Lungs diseasesSpinal Cord injuryOsteoarthritisBrain tumor, AutismProstate issuesHypertension, EpilepsyParkinson’s diseaseGoitre thyroid problemsIncrease in blood flow within the body.

Basically, STC30 offers the following:

Rejuvenates aged cells

Replicates good cells

Restores sick cells

Replaces dead cells

Repairs damaged cells

Cleanses the blood and restores the body back to normal