If any one wants to sell permanent Pinklip for u and give u only cream. Know that he’s giving u temporary in d name of permanent. Permanent Pinklip comes in two containers which is permanent toniclox and the cream. Without d permanent toniclox there is no permanent Pinklip.

CBS pinklip is d bestFormulated by koreansThis is d secret of Korean lips. This is why they look so cute. CBS have brought it down to Nigeria.

CBSpinklip is considered the only best for you because

1, it has no side effec

2,its permanent

3,it comes in two containers the balm, toniclox and the secret addition called vetler 4,it makes you more hand some and more beautiful

5,it’s dermatologically proven the best pinklip worldwide.Without d permanent toniclox and a secret addition called vetler there is no permanent Pinklip…

We will keep on bringing d best beauty products for you