Norland gi vital softgel(ulcer permanent cure)is a dietary supplement that promotes stomach comfort, support healthy digestion, and promotes intestinal health.Use as a general health food supplement:enhancing absorption of nutrients from food.Promoting regeneration and health of normal cells in the body.Maintaining homeostasis of the bodyprevent the degeneration of mucosa; it can also repair and regenerate the mucosa of the gastrointestinal peptic ulcer-gastro duodenal ulcer– gastritis– esophagitis– gastro-esophageal reflux disease (gerd)– damage to mucosa due to radiation and chemotherapy– cancer in the gi tract (e.G.Gastric cancer, colon cancer).Treat ulcer permanently without leaving a scarNorland gi vital softg, burn regeneration,skin regenerationprevents and treat chronic constipationprevent irritation to stomach by alcohol or spicy foodsimproves heart health,stops hair loss,manages anxiety and depressionpromotes stomach comfort *promotes and support healthy digestion