Windows are intimidating, Leave them bare and the place looks naked. Over-decorate them and your best source of natural light get fusty.

A brass or pewter rods? Woven shades or black-out shades? Printed curtains or all-white? Below, we talked to interior designers who had easy answers to some of those hard-fought questions and let us in on their budget-friendly, go-to sources for setting the window-scene.

The right blinds will provide privacy, control light, spiff up a room and most importantly, beautify the room.Functional as well as decorative, shades, blinds and shutters can be used on doors as well as windows to direct, filter or block out the light.On their own, windows are really just holes in the walls. But add a window covering like shades, blinds or shutters and you suddenly have privacy, control over the amount of sunlight that fills the area and a better-looking room. Whether you’re picking window coverings for one window or for an entire house, you’ll need to consider window shape and size, how you use the room and the amount of sunlight you want to let in and keep out.

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