You thought you were done with platform games, but now Geometry Dash is back with a great follow up called geometry dash subzero! This new game from RobTop Games lets you move a geometric form from one part of a stage to the end. But, just like in the last game, the stages are full of different dangers that make it impossible to finish them! You need to find patterns and the best ways to get through the dangerous times without getting hurt. Move to the beat of the game’s music. geometry dash subzero has a great score that plays in the background of every stage. You will have to listen to the track while you figure out what dangers are in each level because the music changes. Follow the beat of the songs to remember the different dangers you’ve seen on your run. So, when that part of the map comes up, you’ll know by hearing it first, and you can act accordingly. There are times when the beat makes it easier to avoid bullets, spikes, and falling objects. You can even speed up by bouncing on some strategically placed pads. You get SubZero icons every time you finish a level. You can change the way your geometric shape looks with these. You can get more things when you get more SubZero icons. Need to get into the groove? Get Geometry Dash SubZero right now and see how far you can control your shape as you jump off of cliffs, avoid different objects, and finish levels that get harder!