Enterprise Resource Planning in Nigeria

Nigeria is developing steadily and the business sectors are constantly transforming and improvising their technique by adopting advanced technical support to enhance their industries. With the booming population, the demand for new products and services in the market is increasing. Due to this, the manufacturing industries, especially the pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria, are on a constant change of their complex operational workflow and processes. On the other hand, the small and medium enterprises are yet to update their work mode by integrating the latest enterprise solutions to fortify their business foundation.

ERP by Matiyas is one such agile business planning solution provider that ensures the best ERP system in the world. It is designed to ensure both simplicity and power to your business.

Our Digital Solutions: Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Selling Management, Production Management, EPC Software, Retail POS Management, Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting & Finance Management, Human Capital Management, Assets Management, Quality Management, Ecommerce, Website, Hospital Management Information System HMIS, Education Management and many more…


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