Our day old chicks are produced under high bio-security, hygienic environment and from high-quality parents. We also ensure they are adequately vaccinated for their age.

  • The NPG Cobb 500 broiler strain offers feed efficiency and yields for live market/poultry meat processing production.
  • Its comparably higher processed/breast meat makes it a preferable choice for poultry producers.
  • The price listed is for a carton of 50 chicks.

    NPG Broilers (Cobb 500)

    The Cobb 500 is characterized by a lower feed conversion rate, impressive growth rate and an ability to thrive on low density, less costly nutrition. These attributes combine to give the Cobb 500 the competitive advantage of the lowest cost per kilogram or pound of live-weight produced for the growing customer base worldwide.

    Attributes of the NPG Cobb 500
    • Lowest cost of live weight produced
    • Superior performance on lower cost feed rations
    • A feed efficient breed with an excellent growth rate
    • Best broiler uniformity for processing
    • Competitive breed
    • The Cobb 500 is bred to produce chicken efficiently through consistent parent performance, excellent broiler performance, and good processing yield.
    • Thus, In markets where broilers are still mostly sold whole, its breast conformation and growth is sure to attract the consumers’ attention.