Kaduna state is one of the prominent states in the North-Western part of Nigeria. With its capital being Kaduna, it boasts of a large population of over six million inhabitants. It is the fourth largest state based on land area and third most populated state in Nigeria.

Below are some amazing facts about Kaduna that you probably didn’t know:


Kaduna derived his name from the Hausa word ‘Kada’

Which means crocodile, with its plural being Kaduna (crocodiles). This is due to the abundance of crocodiles and different species of fish in the renowned Kaduna river.


Kaduna has the highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria

Which cuts across polytechnics, Research institutes and Universities. Some of the tertiary institutions include Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State University, Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna Business School, Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology in Zaria, Kaduna Polytechnic, Greenfield University in Kaduna, School of Midwifery in Kaduna, College of Nursing in Kafanchan and other notable institutions.


Kaduna has over 55 recognized ethnic groups

A few of them include: Abinu, Adara, Akurmi, Anghan, Aruruma, Asholio, Atuku, Ayu, Bajju, Bazar, Dingi, Fulani, Gwandara, Gwong, Hausa, Jaigi, Kaivi, Kanuri, Kitimi, Ninzo, Rumada, Takam, Tsam , etc.


Kaduna has breathtaking Tourist attraction centres

A few of them are Kamuku National park which is covered with guinea savanna vegetation and blessed with wildlife population, Matsiriga Waterfalls where the clear water cascades down a height of about 30 metres, Kajuru castle located in the south-east of Kaduna known for its European style castle that is built on a rock, Kagor Hill which is above sea level and peaceful, The Ancient Nok Settlement with its ingenious architectural designs that is a beauty to behold, Kaduna National Museum and settlement brimming with spectacular artefacts for lovers or archaeology, Kofar Gamiji park, amidst others.


Kaduna is blessed with Beautiful Mineral Resources

Another noteworthy fact about the Crocodile city is its enrichment of mineral resources that cut across its local governments. Kaduna is blessed with mineral resources such as Columbites, Gemstones, Nickel, Molybdenum, Gold, Aquamarine, Kaolin and Cassiterite. These resources contribute to the nation’s solid minerals sector. The state currently has over 80 mineral exploration licenses, 15 mining licenses, and over 35 mining leases for sustainable use of its mineral resources.


Kaduna is Rich in Agriculture

The agricultural resources in Kaduna include maize, groundnut, tobacco, cotton, yam, millet, guinea corn, ginger rice, beans and cassava. These cash and food crops are grown in large quantities and form the backbone of Kaduna’s economy. Other Agricultural resources are livestock and fishery.


With these amazing facts about Kaduna listed above, wouldn’t it be nice to include the crocodile state in your next holiday destination?


Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash